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“Sorry, my pillow is gone at home. We would play as a couple, - the hip-hoper sighed and scrolled

baseball cap on my head, allowing me to once again admire the image of a cannabis leaf casinoenligneca.

I wonder if it's legal to advertise plants that are clearly not grown for March 8 bouquets?

Kirill rolled his eyes, because no one had come to play with us yet. But behind my back I kept a huge amount of communication with foreigners – thanks to my native university – who study Russian at their leisure with my friends and girlfriends, often in bed with the latter.

"And what's your girlfriend's name?" I asked without batting an eye, and as a blackjack dealer

added: “Seventeen. Map?

“Christy,” Jack smiled at all thirty-two snow-white teeth and negatively

zeroed his head, refusing the card.



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